Fundraising Filings Soon to be Streamlined

In some good news for nonprofits, there is some streamlining afoot!

There’s been talk for years about finding a way to solve the dilemma of states having different fundraising registration requirements. In this era of online “donate” buttons on every charities’ web site, how can small charitable organizations track requirements in all 50 states and file in somewhere between 39 and 42 (depending on who’s counting) of them? In small and large organizations alike, is this really the best use of scarce resources?

MFRP, Guidestar, the National Association of State Charity Officials, and CityBase have just announced that they are initiating a single portal system for filing in all 50 states. It’s piloting this summer and they hope to have it fully ready to roll by the end of the year.

This is good news for foundations and other funders, too, because it means that their grantees will be able to spend more of their income on their charitable work and related overhead, not filling out government forms (or deciding to take the risk of not filing in all states).

I’ve calendared this topic to check in later this year. If you’re subscribed to receive my blog posts (use the right-hand column of this web page), you’ll hear from me about whether this new registration system is fully operational.