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Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

“Ruth is the most calmly organized and detail-oriented person I have ever encountered. She can make the most challenging situation easily solvable with her extensive skills managing people and projects. I could always count on Ruth for quick and innovative solutions.”

Former peer board member

“Ruth serves as a mentor and coach to others, who turn to her not just because of her knowledge and experience, but because of her patient, thoughtful, and generous approach to sharing them.”

Former manager

If you have a plan or an idea, I can work with you to make your vision a reality – from board meeting facilitation to working with stakeholders; from coordinating cross-sector projects to ensuring the success of your strategic plan.

When working with foundations, I can assist with benchmarking expenses, coordinating collaborative funding or participatory grantmaking, and the complex process of closing shop. Because of my experience and expertise with foundation law, I can also assist ably with strategies such as: scholarships or other grants to individuals, expenditure responsibility grants, advocacy grants, and international grants.